Spiders have a gloomy, but often undeserved reputation.  Though most spiders are poisonous and considered predators, of the thousands of species found in Canada, only some are actually considered a health threat.  In fact, spiders are actually helpful in controlling other pests in the home or garden since they feed on other insects and spiders.  They usually bite and inject venom into their prey.  However, they rarely bite humans.

Although spiders are often unpopular, the venom of most species is not very deadly to humans, usually resulting in no more than a slight swelling, inflammation, or itching sensation. Most spiders’ fangs are too small or weak to puncture human skin. Spiders usually will not attempt to bite unless they accidentally trapped against the skin or grasped, although some species actively guard their egg sacs or young.

One of the most common false impressions about spiders is that they are insects.  Spiders are arachnids and are actually closely related to mites, ticks and scorpions.  Spiders have two body parts (cephalothoraxes and abdomen), eight legs and usually six to eight eyes, while insects are classified by having three body parts (head, thorax and abdomen), six legs, and  generally two compound eyes or up to three single eyes.  The average life span of a spider is usually one to two years, but some can 
live five years and up to 20 years.

this is the list of spiders...

Lampshade Spiders
Crevice Weavers
Large-clawed Spiders
False Violin Spiders
Crevice Weavers
Spitting Spiders
Leptonetid Spiders
Recluse Spiders
Long-legged Cave Spiders
Midget Ground Weavers
Daddy Long-legs Spiders
Coneweb Spiders
Armored Spiders
Plectreurid Spiders
Dwarf Hunting Spiders
Woodlouse Hunter Spiders
Velvet Spiders
Tubeweb Spiders
Disc Web Spiders
Tree Trunk Spiders
Pelican Spiders
Shield Spiders
Palp-footed Spiders
Net-casting Spiders
Pirate Spiders
Orb-weaver Spiders
Hackled Orb-Weaver
Spurred Orb-Weavers
Dwarf/Money Spiders
Dwarf Orb-weavers
Large-jawed Spiders
Long Jawed Orb-Weavers
Ray Spiders
Cobweb Spiders
Wolf Spiders
Tropical Wolf Spiders
Nursery Web Spiders
Lynx Spiders
Zoropsid Spiders
Zorocratid Spiders
Tangled Nest Spiders
Araneomorph Funnel-web Spiders
Intertidal Spiders
Anyphaenid Sac Spiders
Dwarf Sheet Spiders
Dictynid Spiders
Wall Spiders
Huntsman Spiders
Tengellid Spiders
Zodariid Ground Spiders
Long-legged Sac Spiders
Sac Spiders
Flat-bellied Ground Spiders
Titanoecid Spiders
Long-spinneret Ground Spiders
White-tailed Spiders
Crab Spiders
Philodromid Crab Spiders
Liocranid Sac Spiders
Dark Sac Spiders